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Traversing Beyond | Crafts for the Video Games Industry

As the clock ticks on and the sound of wind chimes through the night, I sat and listen to soundtracks attentively, processing the immersive music wonders as I recharge for the night. Whilst the orchestration and melodies gracefully paint the games’ narrative arc and its world settings, I sketch down some ideas if waves of inspirations ever hit, but most of the time just staring into blank space, as the music tries to speak and traverse my mind.

Video games are true collections of arts, visuals and music, all wrapped up in a single package. Behind the scene lies immense production effort and hardwork, drawing a plethora of unique skills from a team of artists, composers, writers, designers, developers and many more. I truly admire the intersection of arts and technology, not to mention the incredibly creative approaches that the team of game makers used to assemble the crafts, piece by piece, to the final entertainment product we obsessed with for days, if not, years.

I recently discovered a series of podcasts exploring the business and crafts of video games, featuring in-depth conversations on the journey of game-making and composing which drives really interesting discussions within the industry.

Source: Youtube The AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook – Interview Series

I also adore Winifred Phillips’ A Composer’s Guide to Game Music book and thoroughly enjoy the creative writing and its content. Not only does it lend itself a practical guide in composing music for games, the book explores the sophisticated yet significant compositional elements that engage the player and render an unforgettable gaming experience with its music.

A Composer’s Guide to Game Music