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Remote Session Recording

Using the home studio recording setup with quality condenser microphones, Joanne provides :

  • Raw/Processed Harp Recordings (24 bit WAV, 48 kHz, A440 Tuning),
  • Custom score and arrangement for harp,
  • Collaborative brainstorming for any experimental harp sounds, notation or arrangement ideas!

All her harp transcriptions and arrangements are done by ear. You can listen to her harp-only recording samples below :

Would you like harp sounds for your projects, compositions or sound design work? Let’s chat to collaborate. With an established plan and budget, Joanne can also refer or work closely with other professionals, to achieve the soundtrack quality you are happy with.

or just drop by and say hi! 🙂


Joanne is a harpist, pianist and arranger who strives to convey her music interpretations through her harp, piano and audio production skills. Constantly inspired by video game and film music, she likes experimenting with soundscape, synths and ambience.

Deeply admire the music from her favourite games and soundtracks since childhood, she loves listening to composers, not limited to Yoko Shimomura, Nobuo Uematsu, John Williams, Jesper Kyd, John Powell, Masashi Hamauzu, Yasunori Mitsuda, Alan Menken, Koji Kondo, Gareth Coker, Austin Wintory, Aivi Tran, Yu-Peng Chen and many more, who inspire her arrangement styles. In her harp arrangements and performances, she aspires to recreate the music she resonates with, exploring and leveraging the harp’s potential, characteristic of its grandeur and beauty. She also works to rekindle the classical beauty in harp with subtle influences by Rachmaninoff, Debussy and Tchaikovsky.

Since 2015, Joanne has worked in various projects via remote collaboration, ranging from concept to freelance work, drawing on her arranging, performance and music technology work experiences. She has recorded harp for international producers, project directors and composers in film music and video game covers. She is available for harp recording commissions for anywhere around the world, and you can find the links to her recording samples and latest project. She is passionate about providing real harp tracks not only for lush and textural enhancement, but also to elevate the track’s immersive experience with the harp’s prominence.


Joanne is open to all project offers. She is experienced in remote collaboration and mixing harp sounds for production. Would you like harp sounds for your projects, compositions or sound design work?

Request for a quote, or contact her to discuss further on harp recordings or arrangement/transcription work.