Recording Projects

Scoring with Harp

‘Peaceful Hike’

composed by Yu-Peng Chen for Genshin Impact OST

This harp interpretation aims to showcase the intricate flow and interplay of harp duet runs. The piece also explores the harp’s unique timbral qualities across its full range of registers, from establishing a rich resonance, lush glisses to the embellishment of colourful articulations.

Orchestral Recording Session | Songs of the Goddess: A Legend of Zelda Tribute
Score by Enrique Ponce
Demo | Live harp sounds as interactive music cues integrated with Unreal Engine.
Explore the Temple of Time throughout the ages, collect artifacts and missing shards of Master Sword, with the aid of a harp as the sound cue mechanics to solve puzzles.
Game Dev by Patrick Sullivan

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Remote Session Recording

Using the home studio recording setup with quality condenser microphones, Joanne provides :

  • Raw/Processed Harp Recordings (24 bit WAV, 48 kHz, A440 Tuning),
  • Custom score and arrangement for harp,
  • Collaborative brainstorming for any experimental harp sounds, notation or arrangement ideas!

All her harp transcriptions and arrangements are done by ear. You can listen to her harp recording samples below :

More examples on the harp music production mix below:

Would you like harp sounds for your projects, compositions or sound design work? Let’s chat to collaborate. With an established plan and budget, Joanne can also refer or work closely with other professionals, to achieve the soundtrack quality you are happy with.

or just drop by and say hi! 🙂